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Shopper Centric Assortment Optimization Platform

We Make Shoppers’ Purchases Predictable

We help Retail Managers to put the right products in front of the right shoppers at the right place. We believe it is important to be better than competition at the local level because it brings an overall advantage.

Let our 20 years of experience in Retail and FMCG consulting turn the data you already have into new value

Analytical companies are usually founded by engineers or mathematicians. We like to emphasize first our deep industry expertise and customer needs, supported by cutting-edge analytics for real insights. We provide insights through a range of flexible decision models delivered through simple navigation.

Trusted by Innovation Fund of Serbia

Our project is regarded by the Innovation Fund of Serbia as one of the most promising and will be co-financed for 2 years

We simplify Manager’s job by resolving Shopper’s agony

An increasing number of SKUs, limited shelf space, ever-changing consumer, and Covid-19 impact, set an increasing pressure on retail managers. Shoppers spend more energy to find what they need, and still leave the shop unhappy. As a consequence, they buy less and visit competitors.

We help Retail Managers to put the right products in front of the right shoppers at right place. We combine advanced analytic approaches with variety of data sources. We want to minimize Managers’ worries by integration of Shopper needs, Retailer’s constraints, and surrounding context.

Our Strategic approach helps you to cut the tail and list only the key products making your offer superior to your local competitor.

We make suggestions for proper store layout and product groupings.

Finally, our approach helps you manage chain of stores with less efforts and invest smarter into new locations.

Efficient Assortment management improve financial results across several lines. By covering previously neglected Shopper needs through strategic listing or delisting, Retail manager can form more profitable Assortment mix. In addition, better Assortment understanding gives Managers stronger bargaining and negotiation power while keeping key partners and categories untouched.

What clients say about us

We have worked with the most famous Retail and consumer goods clients on their strategic questions. We often discuss various Retail and consumer goods topics on Retail and Brand conferences. And we also teach new generations of business leaders on prestigious universities.

Data Do team is among the most passionate, engaged and knowledgeable partners we have worked with in the field of insights generation, interpretation and strategy implications. They approach each problem uniquely, diving deep into the real underlying business issue, before proposing adequate approach to answer the business questions. Flexible, open, collaborative working with our teams. In many cases helped us articulate compelling insights and powerful strategy to tackle the issues or opportunities we were facing.
Nataša Đurđević

Category Director Juices, Dairy and Plant Based Beverages CEE, Coca-Cola HBC

For the first time we were able to take detailed look at the needs of our customers and understand the role of our stores. As a result, we clustered stores and applied appropriate assortment far more precisely and become more relevant to our customers.

Nikola Kostoski

Format & Strategy Director, Management Board Member, Delhaize Serbia

Data Do
Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10z / 36
11070 Belgrade